How it works for Shoppers?

Shopawl is peer to peer bitcoin shopping solution

Find a product

Choose your store, add shipping address and submit your order.

Select the broker

After filling shipping details, select the broker you want to use.

Release BTC

On delivery or order confirmation release BTC to the broker.

Information for Shoppers

Calculate total cost of item and shipping correctly. If you face any problem with your order e.g product went out of stock after you have paid, we recommend you to use dispute feature so you will get your BTC back on your return address. Happy Shopping!

How it works for Brokers?

Buying Bitcoin & Fulfill Orders

Accept Order

Accept your customer order when you see everything is fine.

Fulfill it

When customer has paid, fulfill his order and mark order status as Order Placed

Finalize Order

Provide confirmations to customer, chat with them and finalize order.

Information for Brokers

You must double check the total cost of order. Provide order confirmation, chat with customer and build trust. If you have fulfilled the order and finalized it but customer is not finalizing order, use dispute feature or contact our support.

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