• Which payment methods does Shopawl accepts?
  • Right now Shopawl accepts only Bitcoin, we will add other cryptocurrencies in next update.

  • Which stores Shopawl accept?
  • Shopawl accept AliExpress and Banggood, but you can shop on other stores by our on board brokers.

  • Who are brokers?
  • Brokers are the users who will fulfill customer orders, Shopawl is also one of the broker for AliExpress and Banggood. You will see more brokers for other stores.

  • How deals are safe with Brokers?
  • Shopawl has now Escrow System for dealing with brokers, your funds will not be directly released to Brokers. We'll hold it untill you are satisfied with your order.

  • Is there any fees?
  • It depends on broker you opted, Shopawl take only 1% fees at the moment.

  • What if i had a bad experience with broker?
  • Yes it can happen sometime, leave a negative feedback for the broker or report us at contact@shopawl.com

  • What if i receive the wrong item?
  • Good question! Use dispute feature to allow us and broker to look after your case.

  • What if item goes out of stock after i have paid for the order?
  • Hmm! We'll recommend you to use dispute feature in this case. So you will get your BTC back.

  • How do i know about Broker Reputation?
  • When submitting an order to a broker, click on view feedback button to access all the feedback, transactions with that Broker.

  • Can i become a Broker?
  • Yes! Submit your application here: Be Broker

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