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Bitwants is a peer to peer bitcoin shopping solution. It help you shop with bitcoins on different eCommerce websites. Paying with bitcoin is always a great option. It give so much control and when the bitcoin price is the on the rise, items will be looking cheaper and shopping will be much accessible.

It also provide you unique opportunity to buy bitcoins, you can be a broker on the site or fulfill some public orders. All you need is to purchase the product online through your credit card or any gift card, ship the goods to the customer and that's it. We recommend you to add your local eCommerce store first!

Bitwants was founded in August 2016, we have served over thousand of customer and it is increasing rapidly. We're looking to hit 1M sales by next year with Bitwants 2.0. Our main aim is to spread bitcoin into eCommerce. Bitwants is now based in Seoul, Korea.

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